There were 13 entries in the first ever Divinity Candy making contest at Cherry Hills Estates on Tuesday morning. Judges selected for their expertise in making and consuming the traditional holiday treat were Danita Kime, Andrea Schladle and Mike Burge. KVSH Radio broadcast the event live as part of our continuing effort to support community events. Eve Miller and Sally Connors, of Cherry Hills Estates, hosted the event which drew a larger than expected crowd of spectators. When it was all said and done, the judges were sugared out after sampling 13 treats and then three additional pieces to break a tie for the top prizes. In the end, Charolette Miles won $50 for the grand prize with here pecan divinity. Second place was Karen Gill with her plain entry and 3rd place was Lila Churchill with here mint. Charolette won $50 from KVSH for first place, Karen will win an authentic divinity plate donated by the family of Margaret Wilber, who was well known for her divinity production. For third place Lila received a set of red white and blue coasters. Everyone attending enjoyed sampling all the confectionery treat during the event as well. Thanks to Cherry Hills Estates for including KVSH Radio and Kim and Birk Burge from KVSH for helping out as well.