Open Plains Transit have released guidelines for the Christmas Light Contest Tour. They will have 2 buses available. Total seating capacity 15 ambulatory (not including judges) and 2 wheelchair users (1 per bus). Registration deadline is this Friday the 22nd at noon. All riders must be registered, reserved, and advanced payment is required by the deadline. Passengers will be charged a 4 dollar fee, which will be credited to future rides or reimbursed. 
Open Plains Transit will hold a drawing for 2 FREE riders for the event, from all December passengers that ride up to the 22nd.
Winners will be announced on Tuesday the 26th on KVSH. All interested passenger participants are to contact Open Plains Transit directly at 402-389-2975. 
OPT will begin picking up all participants beginning at approximately 4:45pm- 5:15pm. Individuals outside of the Valentine city limits, must be picked up and dropped off at a location within the community.