KVSH Radio is teaming up with Cherry Hills Estates Assisted Living in Valentine to host a holiday Divinity contest. If you don’t know what Divinity is, its defined as a billowy light, super sweet, airy candy confection, usually made at Christmas time. It’s kind of a lost art of candy making. If you make Divinity or know someone who does encourage them to enter the contest by calling 402 376 2555.

Eve and Sally at Cherry Hills Estates came up with the idea to host the event on December 19th at Cherry Hills. KVSH will broadcast the Comment program live at 10:15 from Cherry Hills and will help sponsor the contest. Chamber Bucks will be awarded to the winners. To enter just call Cherry Hills and tell Sally or Eve that you will bring your divinity on the 19th. Judging will be done live on the air. It is hoped that these kinds of events can be annual holiday traditions in the community.