On the KVSH Comment program Valentine Police Chef Dana Miller and officer Jasmine Hoefs were our guests. Officer Hoefs was recently cleared for full duty with the force after the accident almost one year ago that forced her to have 20 surgeries to repair injuries. At that time, officer Hoefes stated that her goal was to be back at full duty within one year. She accomplished that goal with a few weeks to spare. Jasmine has passed all her re certification requirements to return to full duty. In other notes, officers reminded area residents to beware of porch pirates that steal packages delivered to your door step. Also make sure to lock you vehicle to prevent its theft or packages and valuables inside the vehicle. On a related note, Chef Miller encourages residents to lock your garage and the door leading from your garage into your home to prevent unwanted guests. Other tips are to not post on social media when you are going on vacation or leaving your home unattended. Video surveillance of some kind is also encouraged.