On the KVSH Comment program this morning our guests were Valentine Mayor Kyle Arganbright, Cherry County Commissioner Nina Nelson and Tourism Director Regina Osburn. The topic of discussion was the potential purchase of the former Shopko building in Valentine for a convention and community facility. Arganbright stated the the preliminary estimated cost of the project would be $9 million dollars. Initially funds would come from 1.5 million dollars in city sales tax and 1.5 million from county lodging taxes. There would be a public capital campaign to raise an estimated 3
million dollars and the rest from foundations and other grants. At this time there has already been about a half million dollars committed for the public funding portion. Nelsen stated that there would be no property taxes used for the facility, only lodging taxes. At this time an inter local agreement between the city and the county is being worked out in order for the project to move forward. In the future, there will be ample opportunity for the public to have more input on the facility. Up to this point over 250 have contributed ideas and input.