According to Valentine Chamber of Commerce President Deanne Holmes-Monroe, the Holiday Preview promotion held in late November was a success.  Now that December is upon us, the Chamber is suggesting special holiday hours, including later hours during the week as well as trying to have stores open for at least a few hours on Sundays through Christmas.  With Christmas Eve falling on a Sunday, most businesses are expected to be closed, so last-minute shoppers need to keep this in mind as your options may be very limited.

Deanne also reminds listeners that when you’re completing your Christmas list, keep local merchants at the forefront of your shopping.  The local purchases help to keep the area’s economy thriving, using something that economists call the “local multiplier effect”, For example, for every dollar spent in the economy an additional $0.25 of economic activity is generated locally, through indirect and direct spending.  Also this final request from the Valentine Chamber: If you’re looking for something that isn’t in the store, merchants are often able to get it ordered for you.