On Thursday, the EPA announced a proposal to strengthen its Lead and Copper Rule that would require water systems across the country to replace lead service lines within 10 years.  EPA is also proposing additional improvements to protect public health, such as lowering the lead action level and improving sampling protocols utilized by water systems.

Key provisions in the proposal include:
Achieving 100% Lead Pipe Replacement within 10 years.

Improving tap sampling.

Lowering the Lead Action Level.

Strengthening protections to reduce exposure.

The proposal would also require water systems to communicate more frequently and proactively with consumers about lead service lines and the system’s plans for replacing the lines.

These new rules aren’t expected to have a great impact on Valentine’s municipal budget.  When asked what this might mean for the City of Valentine, City Manager Shane Seiwart stated “I don’t think it should affect us very much.  Most of our pipes aren’t lead,”  although he did state that there would be some lines that need to be replaced, as well as connections to service lines that may need to be addressed.

According to Seiwart, Valentine residents will be receiving a survey to be sent out by the City which will ask property owners to assist in assessing the needs.