A father and son both had a perfect card in this weeks KVSH Prediction Contest. Kentucky’s loss to South Carolina and UCLA beating USC tripped up many participants in this weeks contest. There are always those who pick Nebraska and that cost some players as well. Martin and Spencer DeNaeyer both had perfect cards this week. They were even close on the yardage only 19 yards apart. With Nebraska actually out gaining the Badgers on Saturday night with 364 yards. Martins guess of 271 yards will give him first place money this week. Spencer DeNaeyer will take second place money with a guess of 252 yards. There were six people who missed only one game this week. None of them picked Nebraska by the way. Michaela Williamson, Bruce Dellinger, Caleb Miles, Danny Hamblin, Al Walkling, and Bob Janssen. There were 23 people who missed two games, including some at the top of the leader board in the year end standings. There is one week left in the contest. Card are available at Security First Bank, Nelsen Furniture, Sandhills State Bank, Hometown Lumber and Young’s Western Wear. They will be available on Tuesday at Old Mill Bulk Foods and Deli.