A clarification concerning statements made at the Cherry County Commissioners public hearing on Tuesday concerning the TK Angus conditional use permit for a hog facility Southeast of Valentine. The
statement was made, and KVSH reported, that the Middle Niobrara NRD had concerns over the location of the facility. KVSH Radio obtained a copy of the letter from the Middle Niobrara NRD that actually says quote, “we have no outlying concerns with the application”. The letter does state that there were wells being monitored Southwest of the location that produce higher nitrate levels than normal. The wells apparently are South of Highway 20 and West of Highway 83 and not in close proximity to the immediate area of the hog facility. The contamination was reportedly from the property owner at that location. The NRD letter stated that these types of confinement facilities are closely monitored by the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy and are highly effective at mitigating the natural resource concerns. The Commissioners will review the testimony and plan to issue a decision on November 14th.