Candidates for King and Queen of Homecoming at Cody Kilgore High School this week include:

Sadee Adamson, daughter of Brett & Velda Adamson

Agatha Agosti, George & Jodi Arnold

Jimmy J Brians, son of Dusty & Jay Hollopeter

Drew R Farrell, son of Karla Laursen

Cooper S Fay, son of Kristin & Stephen Fay

Dominic J Fresquez, son of Tamera Rosane & Johnny Robertson

Trey E Hand, son of Dusty Hand

Aubree R Johnson,daughter of Kimberly & JP Johnson

Nadaya M Johnson-Mooney, daughter of Bobbi Mooney & Darrel Johnso

Jacob D Knox, son of Jason & Michelle McNare

Carson M Lancaster, son of Becky & Casey Lancaster

Maxwell P Prewitt, son of James & Jennifer Prewitt

Isaac C.Robinson, son of Cole Robinson & Sena Richards

Kamryn A Tucker, son of Kayla Tucker

Mikah A Vander Wey, daughter of Rick & Kitty VanderWey

Grace A Wolff, daughter of Barry & Nancy Wolff