The Cherry County Commissioners had a regular Board meeting held Tuesday September 26th, during which, the board was given Roads and Emergency Management updates.  The commissioners will put together specifics to put out a the Brownlee Road bridge over the North Loup River for wing extensions, and the Elsemere Road over Goose Creek is to be load rated.

The commissioners met as a board of equalization and a board of directors going over the Justice Center’s Pay Scale Revision.

At 2:30 a public hearing was held concerning the 2023-2024 Budget.  The property tax request of $4,609,450 was approved as presented.  This was a 5.9% increase over the previous budget.

According to the county, this increase is necessary to pay a multi-million dollar road repair bond needed in response to the 2019 flooding which was declared a federal disaster.  This bond is to be paid over 5 years.