The Cherry County Hospital is now advertising for a new Chief Financial Officer.  According to interim CEO Nancy Hicks-Arsenault, it was decided that Monday would be the last day for acting CFO William Van Noy who was hired by Hicks in July of this year.  Nancy went on to state that there are several applicants at this time, and that the hospital would begin the interview process as early as next week.

As for the current search for a permanent CEO, Hicks stated that the Board of Trustees has set up a committee to screen and interview candidates.  She stated that there are several candidates that have submitted resumes and indicated a desire to head the Cherry County Hospital.  Priority criteria was established, and these candidates are currently aware of the process.

On Monday the 26th after the Board of Trustees meeting, CEO Hicks stated in  a memo to hospital staff that Mr. Van Noy had been terminated immediately. Van Noy stated in an online review that he had been hired under false pretenses at the hospital. 

The next regular meeting of the Cherry County Hospital Board of Trustees will be at 5pm on October 30th.