KVSH radio reached out to interim Cherry County Hospital CFO William Van Noy who will be leaving the local Hospital in mid December. Mr. Van Noy started at the hospital in late July of this year. Van Noy stated that it was not his choice to leave but that circumstances with the hospital administration were not what he thought when he signed on. In his announcement, Van Noy stated that he will give 100% during the time he has left leaving the hospital in a better place than when he came. Nancy Hicks is currently serving as interim CEO while the board continues the process to search for a permanent CEO. Hicks told KVSH that Mr. Van Noy elected not to go through an interview process for the permanent position. The hospital is pleased with his work and grateful for Mr. Van Noy’s hard work and thankful for him staying on to help with transition. Hicks also stated that they wish him well. There will be a regular Hospital Board of Trustees meeting on Monday at 5PM.