As thousands of Nebraska football fans celebrate the first home game of the season, the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT), in partnership with the Nebraska State Patrol and City of Lincoln, reminds drivers that traffic significantly increases in and around Lincoln during events at Memorial Stadium.


More traffic in town and on Interstate 80 (I-80) can cause road congestion and sudden slowdowns.

Especially when near road construction projects, drivers should stay vigilant to safety navigate crowded streets and pedestrians. Following the “Rhules” of the road – wearing a seat belt, increasing following distance and putting your phone away – is key to keeping all road users safe.


The I-80 exits at I-180/Downtown can become very congested before, during and after the game. Visitors are encouraged to use other routes into Lincoln if at all possible. If your drive to Memorial stadium includes using I-80, please use NDOT’s recommended routes.


When coming to the game from the west, drivers arriving in Lincoln on I-80 should take Exit 397 (south U.S. Highway 77) to Rosa Parks Way into downtown Lincoln.