If you picked the sentimental favorites on your Pigskin Prediction cards this week, you probably missed at least 5 games on the card. The winning cards for the week only missed two games with yardage determining the winner as Brittany Erikson of Lincoln. Brittany was only 8 yards off Nebraska’s 341 total yards against Colorado. Second place this week is Michaela Williamson. There were 12 cards that had 3 wrong and two dozen cards with 4 wrong. The mix of High School games with college football games is proving to be a bit more challenging for prognosticators. A lot of cards missed the Texas A&M and Wisconsin games as well. If you just marked the games on the left side of this week’s card, you missed 7 games. News cards will be out this week and should be turned in by noon on Friday at the studios of KVSH radio.