Students are back in class around the area and many grocers across the country will again take part in the “Register Tapes for Education” program that provides equipment to schools.  Shoppers at participating grocers should simply leave their receipts in the box that corresponds to the school of their choice.  These schools, in turn, collect points per dollar spent on the receipts. 

“Register Tapes for Education” partners with many suppliers that provide a selection of equipment that is made available.  Schools are provided a catalog to choose equipment from that which is available based on the number of points collected by each school.

Schools with students in Kindergarden up to 12th grade are eligible to sign up.  Both Henderson’s IGA and Scotty’s Ranchland Foods will be participating in Valentine this year, providing the funding for the equipment received by area schools.  Valentine Community Schools, Headstart, Cody Kilgore, Grace Lutheran, and Zion Lutheran Schools will all benefit from this program.  Alcohol purchases are not included in this program.  Listeners are encouraged to check with your favorite grocer or participating school if you have any questions.