Cherry County Emergency Management reminds area listeners that the county-wide burn ban remains in effect going into the week following a rainy Labor Day evening.  Some locations reported rainfall amounts on Tuesday morning from about a tenth of an inch to just over a quarter inch, coupled with winds gusting up to just over 60 miles per hour.  Emergency Manager Matt Sandoz stated that these rains were just too little too late, giving local lawns as an example saying that “they’re dry.  And if your lawns in town are drying up, just think of how dry that grass is out in the wide open spaces.  That’s a lot of fuel out there”.

Sandoz stated that the burn ban remains “day to day” but the next significant precipitation may not be until this weekend.

The burn ban suspends all burn permits and prohibits open pit fires, campfires, bale wrap, and the burning of yard waste or other materials. 

Fire Chiefs are also still urging landowners to keep their stock tanks full to help with water supply and access should the need arise, thanking them in advance for their cooperation and assistance.