At Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Cherry County Commissioners, the board took action on two of the three CUP’s before them, approving Conditional Use Permits for production and sharpening of bandsaw blades and portable sawmills, and for James Yoder’s Portable Log Cabins and Kits with sawmill operations. Stating that these would be family operations with the possibility of hiring a couple additional employees, Yoder stated that they would be getting Lodgepole Pine, Spruce, and White Cedar  brought in from out of state, processed into pre-fab kits and shipped to customers.

These CUPs had to be approved by the county due to these industrial style businesses not included in the “Agricultural Use” designation of the area.


On the issue of the TK Angus CUP application for a swine facility, the commissioners set another public hearing date for October 10th at 4pm in the courtroom of the Cherry County Justice Center.


Emergency Management also provided an update at the meeting, stating that they have been notified of more “swatting” instances being reported in Nebraska.  Now, unfounded reports of bomb threats are being reported at schools, often prompting heavy response by law enforcement and disruption of the school day.

Also, the commissioners were advised that the SEAT plane that was stationed at Valentine’s Miller Field was no longer available for this season, as the grant had run out for the year, and that it would be moved to another location.  There is a private plane available to be called in the case of a wildfire that can respond from Broken Bow.  The next closest SEAT plane at this time is likely in Colorado or Wyoming.

A burn ban has not yet been imposed for the county, although EM Director Matt Sandoz stated that it would be considered as hot and dry conditions are possible this weekend.