The Valentine City Council held a regular meeting at the Valentine Library Meeting Room on Thursday August 10th.  There was a short agenda in front of the council, which was recessed several times to allow members of the council and public to get a few glimpses of the Cherry County Fair Parade that started about an hour into the meeting.

During the meeting, the council decided on a 3 to 2 vote to create a full time salaried position for the Frederick Peak Golf Course manager position.  The council had a motion in front of them to give non-union employees a 3.77% pay raise which died for a lack of second. 

The City will be working to purchase a couple city lots for workforce housing development, and the council was presented three proposals for the former ShopKo building for a convention center / wellness center complex.  The first was a basic plan for the building, at a cost of 7 to 9 million dollars.  The next would provide a small, non-regulation gym which would come to a total of 9 to 11 million dollars, and the third proposal would allow the addition of a regulation gym which would come with a 13 to 17 million dollar price tag.

The next meeting of the Valentine City Council will be on Thursday September 14th.