KVSH Radio will begin featuring a “business of the week” in our Monday newscasts starting the week of July 10th, 2023. The first business that we covered was Janine’s Flower Exchange and Emporium on Main Street in Valentine. Janine Holmes started the business selling t-shirts and children’s clothes on May 4th, 1984, located in the “Valentine’s” complex where Mike’s Market is today. At the time, several businesses were located in the building.
      In 1986 they moved to a new building and took over Sheri Rissieuw’s Flower Exchange, and in 1990 added JC Penney catalog delivery services which remained until 2021. Janine added the Emporium in 1998, serving lunches and coffee. In 1999 they moved to their current location at 262 North Main St., which had served as A1 and Millie’s Cafe, and the Koffee Pot previously.
      Janine’s daughter Deanne bought “Janine’s” from her mother 8 years ago and continues to serve coffee, italian soda, and boba tea. She also sells kitchen items, candles, greeting cards, and more. Of course, Janine’s is still carrying fresh flowers and arrangements along with everything else they have. Stop by Janine’s to see for yourself, 262 North Main Street or call them at 402-376-2257.