KVSH News had the opportunity to visit with Robert and Lacey Joseph who are undertaking a long term, large project to help in the efforts to revitalize Valentines Main Street business community. The Joseph’s recently purchased three down down buildings to renovate into event space, mixed retail on the lower level and short term housing rentals on the upper story. The buildings purchased were all constructed around the 1900’s era and have been used for various purposes over the years. The buildings include the Adamson Studio building, James Quigley Law office and Cody Foster’s building. The Foster building at one time housed Babcock’s Men’s and Boys clothing store. The plans are in the very early stages, but Robert and Lacey agreed to appear on the KVSH Comment Program Wednesday the 19th to talk about their plans. They will continue to operate The Peppermill and EK Valentine Lounge and have no plans to close or move that business. Be sure to tune in on July 19th, at 10:15 to hear more details on KVSH.