Cherry County is pleased to announce that we are working on a state-of-the-art online property search and mapping platform with Schneider Geospatial.  The BEACON™ ONLINE PORTAL will provide residents, property owners, and real estate professionals with a comprehensive and user-friendly tool to access property information conveniently.

Cherry County is dedicated to enhancing public access to property data and improving transparency.  The new online property search and map, powered by Schneider Geospatial’s Beacon platform, will enable users to easily explore property records, view detailed maps, and access pertinent information.

Until the new website is launched there will be an interruption of GIS service through the month of July.  The Assessor’s Office has contacted current gWorks subscribers.  If you were not contacted and/or have questions or concerns call 402-376-1630 or email .

For more information on Schneider Geospatial visit:

To view Beacon online portals visit: