Cherry County Demolition Derby Results from  July 1, 2023

Old School Feature #1
1st: Joey Schultz - Overall Old School MadDog
Lukas Dougherty
Jackson Ravenscroft
Josh Schubauer
Allen Hembroff

Old School Feature #2
1st: Eric Haase
Greg Irwin
Layton Sailor
James Brown
Andrew Graf
Kenny Boyer

Limited Weld Feature
1st: Sam Williams
Travis Bostock
Chism Miller - Mad Dog
Chris Williams
Brad Michalek

Bonestock Feature
1st: Mike Kamler
Nick Kamler & Kayla Wilson
Breven Bolander - Mad Dog
Jackson Irwin
Justin Marsh

Second Chance Old School
Winner: Andrew Graf

Second Chance Limited Weld
Winner: Sam Williams

Everly Lemkuehler won the kids power wheel derby.
All events sponsored by the Cherry County Ag Society.
Fireworks after the derby were appreciated by the crowd. Fireworks were sponsored by the Valentine Lions Club.