The Cherry County Hospital Board of Trustees met on Tuesday evening at the Cherry County Hospital conference room. A small number of citizens attended. Newly appointed board member Warren Arganbright took a seat at the table.

The main topic of discussion was finding a new interim and permanent CEO for the Cherry County Hospital and Clinic. The board did not take any action until they can research options and resources for finding candidates. The topic will be the main focus of a July 11th special meeting. At next months regular meeting two other newly appointed board members, Greg Perrett and Jim Van Winkle will be welcomed to the board.

In another developing story, hospital CFO Amanda Davidson sent a email to hospital staff announcing that she will be resigning effective later in July. This would leave the hospital and clinic without its top two administrative positions.

At a recent meeting, Bryan Health officials informed the board that hiring an interim CEO could cost from 5,000 to 10,000 dollars per month.