The Cherry County Hospital Board of Trustees met for a special session on Tuesday evening at the Cherry County Hospital meeting room. The purpose of the special meeting was to start the process of finding both an interim and permanent CEO for the hospital after the current CEO, Kyle Kellum, resigned late last month. Bryan Health Systems had representatives from their rural healthcare services department which assisted in the search and placement of the last CEO, providing information on their process as well as fees. It was approximated that an interim CEO would cost the hospital anywhere
from 5 to 10 thousand dollars a week, depending on what would be asked of someone in that position. It was also stated that Bryan Healthcare would charge a $40,000 placement fee plus expenses for the placement of a new permanent CEO. Board member Tim Henderson stated that with 4 new board members having been selected to be seated in the next couple of months, that he did not feel comfortable making too many decisions that the new board members would be responsible for, and was hoping that the newly appointed members would be able to get updated before any decisions would be made.
It was decided that action may be taken at the regular meeting of the Cherry County Hospital Board on June 27th.

On a related note, those new board members that were appointed at the Tuesday Cherry County Board of Commissioners meeting were Warren Arganbright, Jim VanWinkle, Greg Perrett, and Mark Birchfield. Warren Arganbright will be taking the place of Andrew Ward who recently resigned, and his term will begin immediately. Jim VanWinkle and Greg Perrett will be taking the place of Ginny Lee and Tim Henderson, and will begin their terms during the July meeting, and Mark Birchfield appointed to thake the place of Darci Lee whose term will end in July. This will make the August meeting Birchfield’s first as a CCH Board member.