According to Cherry County Zoning Administrator Jessica Coyle, an application was received for a Conditional Use Permit from TK Angus Co. to construct a Confined Animal Feeding Operation of a swine finisher housing 4,999 head over 55 lbs to be located in SW ¼ SW ¼ of Section 13 of Township 33N, Range 27W of the 6th PM. According to the Cherry County Zoning Regulations confined animal feeding operations are permitted only as a conditional use in the Cattle Country Agricultural District. In accordance with State Statutes, the Cherry County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on this application to receive comments and testimony from the public on June 6 at 4:45pm CT in the Cherry County Courthouse in the Court Room. There will be a 3 minute time limit per person to speak during the hearing. Written testimony of 10 copies can be received prior to or during the meeting. All written testimony received prior to the meeting in hard copy format in the Zoning office will be forwarded or provided to the Planning Commission for review. A current agenda will be on file with the Zoning Administrator and online at According to the county’s Zoning Regulations, all adjoining landowners within a set distance to the project along with those where the organic materials will be applied to fields shall be notified by mail of the upcoming public hearing.