The first half of the KVSH Radio Secret Citizen Contest wrapped up with the clue given on Friday May 12th. We had a total of 27 guesses during the two week period. Miraculously, Cheryl Lovejoy sent in an email with the correct identity minutes after the first clue was given. The clue was “the secret citizen was born in 1963”. Cheryl will win the $100 in chamber bucks from KVSH and our sponsors. Second place will go to Tracy Grooms, who also sent a correct guess after the first clue was given. Third place went to Cynthia Weaver who guessed the identity on May 3rd after just 3 clues. Apparently we did not make the clues hard enough. The second half of the contest is under way with a new secret citizen with the winners announced on May 29th. The clues will be harder. Send your best guess to or postcards to 126 West Third St. Valentine Nebraska. This promotion is part of national radio month.