On Friday, May 12th, Valentine Police and a Cherry County Sheriffs Deputy were involved in a pursuit with a white vehicle at Approximately 3:40PM.

By 3:45 KVSH Radio was getting phone calls asking what was going on. The pursuit was terminated by law enforcement about 3:52 for the safety of the public as the driver and passenger were identified by officers.

The vehicle was last seen traveling west on Highway 20 out of Valentine City limits. At about 4:14, the same vehicle was located in the 400 block of Cherry Street in the City of Valentine. Both the driver and passenger were taken into custody.

The juvenile driver was placed under arrest and the juvenile passenger was transported home and turned over to parents. Since both people involved are juveniles, information is spotty at this
time. KVSH news contacted County Attorney Eric Scotts office this morning. Mr. Scott is in County Court today and may have some information this afternoon.