RP Smith was bucked off of a horse around 10 am Thursday, 27th of April. He was taken to the ER in Callaway. After evaluating, they determined he needed to move up the trauma ladder. He was transferred to St Francis in Grand Island.

The doctors there felt he had more extensive injuries than they could treat so they started arrangements to move him to Bergan Mercy in Omaha.

All told, his injuries included: separated shoulder, possible concussion, broken rib, punctured lung, two compression fractures in his spine, bladder trauma, hematoma in his pelvic area and separated pelvic saddle.

It has been just over a week since RP came off the horse and he is doing much better. He has only had one surgery- to repair his pelvis. As a result, it will be 6-8 weeks before he can walk. According to RP, his lung, bladder, ribs and vertebrae are on the mend. He will be released from Bergan Mercy soon. It is not clear yet where he will be transferred to. The hope, he said, is to get a lot closer to home.

He was in good spirits when we talked with RP and he assured us, he was back to work, getting his daughter up at 4:30 Friday morning, to start capturing his ideas.

We will keep you updated on RP’s progress.

His Homegrown program will continue on KVSH at 9:10AM Sunday Mornings.

Cards and letters can be sent to their home and Beth will see that he gets them all.

RP Smith     44306 Rd 786     Broken Bow  68822.