Work continues for the VALENTINE Main Street project.

Expect the traffic shift for north/south traffic at 4th & Main to be removed. The closure of 4th Street, at the intersection of HWY 83 & Main Street, west toward Cherry Street, will remain closed and HWY 83 traffic will travel the Cherry Street Detour. Main Street will remain open.

Paulsen Construction is wrapping up the placement of the 9″ concrete roadway portion of the IN VALENTINE project. Sidewalks, curb repair, and patching on south Main Street will also be near completion this week. Driveways and sidewalk construction continues on the section of 4th & Main toward Cherry Street.

IES will continue to place Street Lighting. Most footings for the street lights are in place and setting light poles is the next.

Barnes Construction will remove temporary concrete, driveways, and sidewalks at 4th & Main early in the week.