State FFA Contest results for Valentine High School

Proficiency Results:
Taylor Battershaw – 1st in Agricultural Education
Malika Monroe – 1st in Outdoor Recreation
Cole Simon – 2nd in Beef Placement
Connor Kreutner – 2nd in Landscape Management
Lee Major – 2nd in Forestry Management and Products
Gracey Taylor – 2nd in Equine Entrepreneurship

State Degree Recipients:
Taylor Battershaw
Logan Muirhead
Lee Major
Bryan Keller
Austyn Kieborz
Gracey Taylor
Jack Lancaster
Connor Kretner

Agriscience Fair
Gracey Taylor and Sheldyn Rodgers – 1st in Food Science Division 6
Hailey Witte – 2nd in Animal Science Division 5
Grant Boes and Mitch Kluender – 3rd in Power Systems Division 6

Ag Technology and Mechanics – 15th Place – Red Ribbon
Quinton Nelson – Blue Ribbon
Mitch Kluender – Red Ribbon
Logan Witte – White Ribbon

Agriscience – Red Ribbon
Reeves Witte – Red Ribbon
Maeli Patterson – Red Ribbon
Samanatha Sprenger – Red Ribbon
Cristen Larsen-Malard – Red Ribbon

Welding – Red Ribbon\
Logan Witte – 6th Purple Place Arc Welding
Payton Witte – White Ribbon – TIG Welding

Natural Resources – 12 Place Purple
Jack Lancaster – 10th Purple
Bryan Keller – Blue
Logan Muirhead – Blue
Lee Major – Red

Agronomy –
Taylor Battershaw – Red Ribbon

Farm Business Management
Alyssa Schubauer – Red Ribbon
Grant Springer – Red Ribbon

Nursery & Landscape – 17th Place Red
Taylor Battershaw – Red Ribbon
Jenalee Garwood – Red Ribbon
Kaylee Hanson – Red Ribbon
Cadence Swanson – White Ribbon

Ag Sales – 6th Place
Sheldyn Rodgers – 4th Place Purple
Johnny Kruger – Blue
Mataya Morrison – Red
Logan Muirhead – Red

Food Science – 14th Place
Jack Lancaster – Blue
Ciana Colvin – Red