About 70 citizens attended an informative meeting last evening at Bolo Beer Co to discuss a Valentine Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

A Master Plan will be used to: Prioritize and guide future park, recreation, and trail development and improvements including budgets and help seek out additional funding sources and partnerships for the proposed projects. After a short presentation the attendees rotated through 5 areas to discuss such things as trails, new or existing parks, camping areas and other ideas.

At the end of the evening people were asked to vote for various projects with marbles. Some of the top ideas included Mill Pond renovation, creation of a dog park, new shooting range complex, renovate or new amphitheatre in park or some other location and Lakota art and interpretive features. There was discussion on the city park, hiking and biking trials, the disc golf course, creation of some new park areas, atv trials .

Kat Shiffler, Landscape Architect with the National Park Service will sift through the comments and ideas and report back to the community on a potential list of priorities.