The Valentine Children and Families Coalition continues to work on supporting families and children with a focus on early childhood development with growth of current and new childcare providers. Director Jill Joseph Austin was our guest on the KVSH Comment program and reported that the coalition can offer financial assistance, and other services to
support child care providers and families in the community. Jill is working on creating a group support system for child care providers and possibly creating a bank of secondary providers that can relieve providers for short periods of time. There are also funds available to assist families with rent, utility bills or other needs. Applicants must meet
guidelines and there are limitations to assistance. The coalition was established in 2020. The board is made up of several community entities including Valentine Community Schools, Mid Plains Community College, Cherry County Hospital, Extension Service, Economic Development and North West Community Action Partnership. To contact Director Jill Austin, call 402 376 9030. Watch for more upcoming events from the Valentine Childrens and Families Coalition.