The Heart City Dance Competition Team competed at Celebration Talent Competition the weekend of March 4th. The studio took 27 dancers and 20 routines to compete in Rapid City. The competition featured 10 different studios from Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota with over 215 routines competing in various styles, levels and age categories.

The mini competition team, consisting 8-10 year olds competed in Jazz, Hip hop and Lyrical. Their Jazz and hip hop routines taking home 1st and 2nd overall and their Jazz routine receiving a platinum, the highest award. They also received a choreography award for their Jazz routine, and a showstopper award for outstanding energy and performance for their hip hop routine, My Own Drum.

The petite group, consisting of Kindergarteners and 1st graders competed two dances at their very first competition, they received high gold on both of their routines and placed 2nd and 3rd overall among 8 and under petite small groups. They also received a costume award for their Jazz routine-

8 and under Mini soloist Camille King received a high gold and won 1st overall of 7 in the Novice solo division.   8 and under Mini Soloist Claire Arganbright received a platinum and 2nd overall in the advanced solo division. She was awarded dancer of the year finalist.

9-12 year Junior soloist Brooke Nelson Received a Platinum and 2nd overall of 14 solos in the intermediate division

The mini trio- Shake the room, performed by Claire Arganbright, Lilly Bailey and Brooke Nelson won a high gold and 1st overall in the intermediate duo/trio category.

The HCD Teen Groups, ages 13-15, placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the intermediate category with their hip hop routine winning the highest position. They also competed in Jazz and Lyrical, taking home a judges choice award as well as a showstopper award for their jazz routine.

Teen soloists- Katleyn Bitner received a Gold in the Novice category taking home 1st overall Rylee Wackler, Wrigley Greenough and Danika Janssen also competed in the teen solo division receiving High Gold, placing 4th, 3rd, and 1st overall

Teen duet, Kick up your heels, danced by Haddison Mundorf and Addison Stec received a high gold and took home first overall in the teen duo/trio category.

In the senior age division, Kaetryn Bancroft, Mekallyn Bancroft and Hanna Bitner took home first overall with their jazz trio, as well as 2nd overall with their duet- Don’t Dream it’s over. The lyrical duet danced by Hanna and Mekallyn was also awarded a judges choice award for outstanding choreography and connections. Hanna Bitner competed in the solo contemporary division and received a platinum for her routine and took home first overall in the intermediate division.

The team will travel to Omaha later this month to compete at Bravo! Dance competition March 23-26th at Bellevue performing Arts center.