The Valentine Badger Alumni presented the 79th Annual Valentine Day Coronation at the high school Sunday evening. The theme was Heart City Masquerade Ball. Grace Maunu served at Saint Valentine and James Woodraska was The Royal Herald and served as hosts for the evening. Taylor Battershaw received the award for The Most For Valentine High School in memory of Kay Sedivy. Dan and Jerilyn Colburn were named as Heart City Heart Award winners. Pages were selected from the Freshman class and were Samantha Sprenger and Isaac Cronin. Count and Countess from the Sophomore class were John Loyd Fulton and Jocelyn Jordan. Duke and Duchess from the Junior class were Finly Mosner and Grant Sprenger. Selected Prince and Princess from the Senior class were Gavin Sandoz and Taylor Battershaw. King and Queen, also from Senior Class, were Nathan Perrett and Sheldyn Rodgers.