Nebraska State Sen. Tom Brewer faced questions in 2014 and 2016 over whether he lived in the Sandhills district he aimed to serve. He won election and re-election despite those concerns. Now one of his constituents in Cherry County has filed a complaint with the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office and the Clerk of the Legislature. Years of public records obtained in light of the complaint raise new questions about his residency. Chief among them: Did Brewer really make his main home in the three-bedroom, two-bathroom Sheridan County cabin built inside a machine shed in Gordon, Nebraska? Or did he, as the records suggest, live primarily in his Cass County house, 300 miles southeast of District 43, which he was elected to represent? If the Legislature determines that Brewer violated residency requirements in the Nebraska Constitution, he could forfeit his seat. Valentine resident Sherri Bacon, said she wants the Legislature to investigate whether Brewer is violating the requirements. Bacon, who said she has gotten more active recently in local GOP politics, said she has struggled to get people in authority to take her complaint seriously. But Bacon said Brewer made a legal mistake last summer when he registered to vote in Murdock, Nebraska, which is in Cass County in southeast