More information on the Valentine Main Street construction. Some Winter work continues. The electrical contractor; IES Commercial, INC.; will continue work on street lighting, as weather allows. All other contractors are off the project. Progress of the project is at 82% of the Dollar amount complete and 80% of the time allowed used. The working day count is 172 working days used, 43 working days remaining, a contracted total working day count of 215. The project working day count will continue April 3rd, 2023. Phase 1 work was completed in the fall of 2021 with construction on Cherry Street for a detour. Work consisted of adding concrete surfacing to the radius of corners and the utility work needed to add this additional width to the roadway. Phase 2 work started in the spring of 2022 and work was 90% complete mid-summer. Phase 2E, the reconstruction of the intersection of 4th & Main remains to be completed, and is scheduled to be completed in the spring. Also Street lighting work continued into the fall of 2022 for the Phase 2 work. All other work is complete. Phase 3 work started mid- summer and is 90% complete. Sidewalks remain to be placed along the east side of roadway for the Phase 3 area, A street to HWY 20. Street lighting also remains to be placed. All utility work, roadway surfacing and driveways are built for the Main Street section of the project. Most sidewalks are in place, except for a section of phase 3, traffic signals are in place, and street lighting is in place for 4th Street to 1st Street. Scheduling for the remaining work is in progress, with work expected to begin mid-March.