The 79th Annual Heart City Coronation Celebration will be held on Sunday February 5th at 6:00 PM at Valentine High School. The Badger Alumni is excited for another fun night of celebration. Our royalty will be crowned at the Heart City Masquerade Ball. Join our Royal Herald (James Woodraska) and St. Valentine (Grace Maunu) as they prepare for the evening’s Masquerade Ball. Tickets are available at Janines, Sandhills State Bank, and Young’s Western Wear. There will be a Heart City Heart Award as well as Most for Valentine High School honored for all they do for the community and high school. Candidates from the Valentine High School will be crowned. Page candidates from the freshman class are Aubrey Benson, Rylee Ward, Samantha Sprenger, Trace Buechle, Isaac Cronin, Sutton Schrunk, and Caden Stankoski. Count and Countess candidates from the sophomore class are Savannah Fullerton, Jocelyn Jordan, Cadence Swanson, Talia Wenig,Grant Boes, Mithchell Kluender, Grant Springer, and Tyler Whiting. Duke and Duchess candidates from the junior class are Ciana Colvin, Finley Mosner, Jenna Purdum, Isabella Ringhoff, Grant Boes, Mithchell Kluender, Grant Springer, and Tyler Whiting. The King, Queen, Prince, and Princess Royalty Candidates: Taylor
Battershaw, Saylor Biltoft, Lainey Egelhoff, Malika Monroe, Taycee Reimers, Sheldyn Rodgers, Logan Harb, Bryan Keller, Jack Lancaster, Ashton Lurz, Nathan Perrett, and Gavin Sandoz. There will be entertainment from Heart City Dance Competition teams as well as members of the Valentine Middle School Male Choir and High School Choir groups. There will be a dance following the celebration for all 9th-12th graders from 8:00-11:00 PM. The Valentine Badger Alumni is excited to keep this tradition alive and to continue to support Valentine Community Schools’ and students, past and present. We hope to see you there.