Now that late December’s winter storms have dropped a considerable amount of snow in the region and light accumulations can still be expected over the next week and a half, City of Valentine road crews are working daily to clear city streets with plows, blades and other snow removal apparatus. According to City Manager Shane Seiwart, the primary focus is to remove what is possible as warmer temperatures turn snow pack and ice into slush. City officials are also focusing on opening street sewers so that anything that melts is able to run off, rather than pool and re-freeze. Valentine residents can help by parking off of the streets whenever
possible. Seiwart also reminds residents that anytime there is a significant snowfall, property owners are responsible for snow removal from sidewalks within 24 hours of the storm. Seiwart also reminds you that it is in violation of city code to move snow from sidewalks and driveways into city streets. It is recommended that you relocate the snow into your own yard rather than the streets.