KVSH Radio will conclude the first ever Holiday Lights Home decorating contest on Wednesday evening with our live broadcast. The KVSH crew will cruise the streets as they judge the homes which were nominated for the contest. Be sure to listen at 6:05 Wednesday evening for some Chirstmas music and the live play by play of our adventure. Finalist for the contest include:

Jerry and Jane Grooms at 701 North Green Street
Jason Graef on North Ray Street
Doug and Robin Wacker at 801 North Green Street
Derek and Emily Waits at 410 N Wood Street
Greg and Angie Brown on 300 block of North Macomb
Cort and Julie Dewing at 810 North Cherry St
and Dean and Bev Kockrow at 715 North Cherry Street.

There were some other nominations from outside the Valentine area which would make it hard to include in our live play by play coverage. Be sure to listen at 6:05 Wednesday evening.