There were approximately 5,000 rounds of golf played at Fredricks Peak Golf Club in Valentine this past year according to manager Jacob Fuehrer.

Membership fees: Budgeted-$65,000, Brought in-$103,659
Green Fees: Budgeted-$100,000, Brought in -$87,746
Annual Cart Rentals: Budgeted-$27,000, actual-$32,343
Daily Cart Rentals: Budgeted-$9,000, Brought in-$70,141
Liquor and Beer: Budgeted for-$100,000,Brought in-$95,839
Overall Revenue Budget-$497,292, EOY Balance-$599,444

Overall Expense Budget-$524,983, Actual expenditures-$555,128.

Figures show the public City Owned Golf Course made a slight profit of $27,691