Panhandle Transit Services began curb-to-curb public transportation services in Valentine in mid November. Jonnie Kusek, Director of Transportation, said things are going great. They have two drivers at this
time and are still looking for a couple more. They are running one vehicle at this time but would like to expand to two in the near future. Jonnie will appear on the KVSH Comment program this Friday to update our
listeners about the public transportation program. They cover the City of Valentine and the cost will be $2 per ride with service provided from 8AM until 4PM, Monday through Thursday. Individuals wanting a ride should sign up by calling 402 389 2975. This service is open to all ages and all community members. They will utilize 12 passenger vans to transport people to appointments, the grocery store or other locations within the city limits. It would be appreciated if transportation can be ordered 2 days in advance so there is time to plan for drivers and routes To register for the service or to order a ride call 402 389 2975 in Valentine. Be sure to listen Friday to the KVSH Comment program at 10:15.