Preliminary Nebraska deer check-in numbers indicate 2022 statewide harvest is down 9% compared to 2021 for the November firearm season. During the nine-day season,33,866 deer were harvested, compared to 37,053 in 2021. While the overall statewide trend was down compared to previous years, regions of the state varied. Deer harvest in southeast Nebraska was up 2% from 2021, while southwest Nebraska was down 15%. The northwest district was down 9% and the northeast district was down 9% from 2021.  Mule deer buck harvest decreased 10%. Whitetail buck harvest was down 12%.  Antlerless mule deer harvest was down 12%, while antlerless white-tailed deer harvest increased 1% compared to 2021. “There are a couple primary factors in the decline in deer harvest,” said Luke Meduna, there were a fair number of reports of EHD the last two years, particularly in northern Nebraska and that likely had an impact on whitetail populations.”