The latest update on the Valentine Main Street project shows Mother Nature is starting to wind things down. Preparations are under way for the suspension of work for the winter months. Tuesday was Working Day 171 of a project total 215 Working Days. The working day count will be suspended on December 1st by contract for Winter work but the contractor is permitted to continue working without being charged a working day. Work will continue as weather allows and eventually the work will be suspended until the spring of 2023. Paulsen Construction is wrapping up placement of concrete for this year. Roadway, curb & gutter, intersections, driveways, and the west side sidewalk are in place along Main Street. Some sidewalk will be built next year along the east side of the roadway between 1st Street and C Street (HWY 20 ). IES continues to set Street Lights and Traffic Signals. Expect work to continue into December. The first priority is the traffic signal at Main and Highway 20. this needs to be completed before Main Street can reopen for winter. Scheduling is underway to suspend the Cherry Street detour until spring. At that time traffic will resume down HWY 83 (Main Street) until the spring work. Current planning is for Mid-December. A reminder not to use salt to melt ice on new concrete. Salt can cause long term problems for the new sidewalks and street surface.