As winter approaches the KVSH area, it seems construction crews are racing to finish Valentine Main Street construction for the season. When work wraps up for the winter, Main Street will be reopened from Highway 20 to 4th Street for through traffic. Concrete surfacing is in place for the intersections of C Street (HWY 20), B Street and A Street along Main Street. The entire length of Main Street has in place the driveways, parking and curb & gutter. Weather permitting, Paulsen Construction will continue to place the ADA compliant pedestrian crossings at these intersections and continue placement of sidewalks. Paulsen Construction is working with Barnes construction to place topsoil at the green zones of 3rd & Main, 2nd & Main, and 1st & Main. IES will continue to place street lights at the 300 block. In the spring finishing touches will be done on concrete areas, the rest of the trees will be planed and other amenities will be installed.