The latest information on the VALENTINE Main Street project update:

Paulsen Construction will continue concrete placement for driveways and intersections on Main Street for the area of HWY 20 to A Street. Last week’s work focused on the City of Valentine B Street project and drivers can expect some of B Street to be open to traffic this week.

Barnes Construction will continue removal of existing sidewalks for the area of HWY 20 to A Street. Work will also begin on placement of temporary surfacing at the
intersection of 4th & Main. Traffic will travel on this temporary surfacing throughout the winter months with construction scheduled to continue for 4th & Main
west for half a block on 4th Street next spring.

IES will continue to place footings for Street Lights and Traffic Signals. More Street light poles to be placed and energized soon.

City of Valentine workers and volunteers planted about 20 trees in the mid block area from 1st street to 4th street last Friday. Trees and vegetation on the corner bump-outs will take place in the spring.