The closure of the 3rd & Main Street intersection will continue thru the week. The intersection will be open to traffic Friday afternoon and thru the weekend. Periodic closures will be expected until traffic signal work is complete. The highway section of main street is in place and the concrete has reached strength and maturity. In place is a 42’ wide, 9” doweled concrete roadway. Paulsen construction will continue to build driveways and intersections for the section of HWY 20 to A Street for this project. IES will continue to place footings for Street Lights and Traffic Signals. New street lights are now working on the 200 block of Main St. Paulsen Construction will place 600 to 800 Cubic Yards of concrete on the B Street project during the rest of this week. The B Street project is City of Valentine project replacing storm sewer structure to help with drainage of South Main Street area.