About 6 years ago, a group of veterans' advocates got together to raise
funds for a couple monuments paying tribute to area servicemen and women
who took part in the Korea and Vietnam conflicts.  About 430 veterans are
named on the Korea War monument, while 475 are listed on the Vietnam
monument.  According to committeeman Jim Edwards, the granite work is
finished on both monuments, and they will be placed at the Cherry County
Justice Center following the completion of the Main Street project.  The
group plans to have Daugherty Construction pour concrete beginning on
October 1st, after sod removal and re-plumbing for the remaining sod's
watering system.  Kerry Hoffman with Hoffman Monument Company will work
with Daugherty Construction on this phase of the project.  There will be 6
flag poles added and flags that will represent all 6 branches of the
military including the newly created "Space Force".
The granite for these monuments came from India and had a lengthy holdup
getting to Valentine.
The group hopes to raise funds for and add an additional monument to
include the names of local servicemen and women who took part in the U.S.
"War on Terror".