The Sparks Nebraska Spurs chapter of Cowboy Fast Draw Association hosted another successful event this past weekend with 3 days of competition at the Cherry County Fairgrounds. Most of the 77 competitors started arriving on Thursday, September 15th and stayed until Sunday. There were 11 states represented during the events. During the Nebraska State Championship shoot on Friday, Nancy Storms of the local club placed 8th in the Ladies contest. Mike Burge finished 7th place of the 50 or so men who competed on Friday in the state shoot. Dean Storms placed 11th and Mike McCoy placed 14th. Keeliegh Burge took 3rd place in the youth category.

Saturday and Sunday was the Great Plains Territorial Shoot. Nancy Storms AKA ‘Mother Nature’ placed 4th overall. Keeleigh Burge again placed 3rd . In the men’s, Mike McCoy AKA “Real McCoy” placed 4th, Dean Storms AKA “Beaver Creek Kid” placed 8th, Tom McCloughan AKA “Bad Wolf Bart” placed 9th, Mike Burge AKA “Sandbur” placed 12th.

The Sparks Nebraska Spurs would like to thank all the supporters including those who made considerable donations including Cherry County Visitors Promotion Board, Union Bank and Trust, Cork and Jannett Worth, The Gun Cabinet, Sandhills Family Dental, Young’s Western Wear and numerous others who contributed to the event.

Karla Parker of Malcom Nebraska won the 4 pistol raffle.