Midplains Community College, Valentine Campus is exploring the interest among potential EMS Students in the area. The current plan would be to provide an EMT Basic Class for those interested. This class would begin in fall 2023, with instructor Duane Lamb, a flight certified Paramedic who has worked with MARC Medical Air Rescue Company, Rosebud Ambulance Service, and Cherry County Hospital Ambulance Service. Cherry County Hospital Ambulance Service currently has about 25 personnel including Ambulance Drivers, Emergency Medical Responders, EMTs and Paramedics on the squad. These 25 personnel include members in Valentine who respond to 911 calls as well as several others outside of Valentine who serve as critically important first responders in more rural parts of the CCHA service area. If you are interested in serving on the squad without a medical license, you can still be considered by the squad to be an ambulance driver, who must be CPR Certified and must be able to attend an annual Emergency Vehicle Operators Course.

If you are interested in being a part of the ambulance service, contact any member of the ambulance squad, or contact Kyle at the Cherry County Hospital at 402-376-2525. If you are interested in the EMS class, call MPCC at 402-376-8033.